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National Game Design Month Entry: Escape!

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I’m not sure why this month is national game design month, but whatever, I’m in!  I need to finally finish a game, and the game I’m currently working on is called Escape!, which I’m sure is copyrighted and everything, but I’m not going to worry about that.  That would be what I would normally spend my time worrying about, rather than actually designing the game. And I’m not going to let that stop me.   The game is a hybrid card game/RPG detailing the attempted escape from a collapsed building by a random assortment of people who all sought shelter in the old bomb shelter in the basement.  

As the plucky heroes begin to pick their way out of the wreckage, they attempt to discover what happened, while each working towards their own end and racing against the clock to escape the building before it collapses and find help.  Oh, and what is encouraged them to escape the building is a horrible stench that has already sickened and killed others who were with them in the bomb shelter.  And so they have to keep their mouth covered with some kind of cloth or they with breath in the stench.  So much for talking!   

The idea behind this game is to encourage collaboration between the various PCs while forcing them to do so without speech.  The players use cards to signal their actions which each take time, and otherwise are unable to communicate.  That is, unless they were smart and picked up the gas mask.  

I’ll post more as I solidify some of the components, and hopefully I’ll be able to game test it with some people before the month is over.  We’ll see!  


Author: Bill MK

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