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Bellonia Characters


Post your character sheets below.  Use the following format.  I would recommend copying this to a word document or wordpad first so you can save it on your own computer.

You can download the rules for Abstract Dungeon at the sneak attack press website.

Just copy and past this into a comment.  When you want to add something to the character sheet, just reply to your comment.

Special Rules:

Character Sentence. I’m using a form of Monte Cook’s Numenara idea of a character sentence.  That should tell other players a lot about what the character is like.  For example, you might write, “A strong human who kills his enemies with a sword.”  Immediately, there is an idea about what your character does.

Family Heirloom.  Each character starts with one item that is important to that character.  It should be something that ties into the backstory that you have in mind for your character.

XP.  At any time a player can spend 1 XP to gain an additional bonus die.  If you gain 5 XP, you can turn it into a new trait.

Wounds. If a player is unable to defeat an enemy, they take a wound.  If they take 3 wounds, they roll on the random wound table.

Actions. Each player can take one action.  They cannot take an action until a day in real time has passed or all other players have taken an action.

Character Sheet

Character Name: XXXXXX

Character Sentence: An (adjective) (noun) who (verb)


Wounds: [ ] [ ] [ ]

Toughness: # of dice

Agility: # of dice

Spirit: # of dice

Intellect: # of dice


Additional Description:


Author: Bill MK

A writer, an avid consumer of soccer, music, media, books and games, a poorly self-taught handy man, a nom de plume.

11 thoughts on “Bellonia Characters

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  3. Character Sheet
    Character Name: Aldonatto
    Character Sentence: An rocking bard who weaves song magic.
    Wounds: [ ] [ ] [ ]
    Toughness: 2
    Agility: 1
    Spirit: 3
    Intellect: 4
    Traits: Singer, Knows How to Party, Misunderstood
    Additional Description: Aldonatto is well know for his musical talent, his magic abilities, and his raucous parties. What few people know is that he has gone tired of the party life and just wants to have some quiet time with a good book. He is a human elf how caries no weapon. Except his mandolin.

  4. Character Sheet
    Character Name: Yeusukk
    Character Sentence: A seven-foot tall leporine who casts his spells for coin.
    Wounds: [ ] [ ] [ ]
    Toughness: 2
    Agility: 3
    Spirit: 1
    Intellect: 4
    Traits: Good at Insults, Depressed, Strong Scented
    Additional Description: A willing exile from his magical homeland, Yeusukk works as a wizard for hire. His ability at demoralizing his enemies, as well as his friends, has lead to the common rumor that he is a dwarf trapped in a rabbit’s body. Like all members of his race, Yeusukk constantly smells of flowers and grass and other pleasant and happy scents of nature. It really pisses him off.

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  6. Character Name: Raku
    Character Sentence: A former master thief whose amputated hands have been replaced by the gauntlets of an ancient paladin king.
    Wounds: [ ] [ ] [ ]
    Toughness: 4
    Agility: 2
    Spirit: 3
    Intellect: 1
    Traits: Streetwise, Paranoid, Cursed
    Additional Description: There wasn’t a lock in the city safe from Raku’s clever hands, at least until his clever hands were lopped off by the local magistrate. He was promised a miracle by Dr. Rutherstein, a runic archeologist, in exchange for the entirety of his hoard. The doctor bonded the unearthed gauntlets of an ancient paladin king to Raku’s arm stumps and gave him back the use of his hands. It was only on Raku’s first mission back that he discovered that his gauntlets hold to an ancient honor code, and can only act for the noble good. Raku finds himself unable to continue his former profession, and means to seek out Dr. Rutherstein in Bellonia and strangle him in revenge, presumably with some sort of leg lock.

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