The Game Players of Titan

with apologies to PKD

Episode One: The Bridge


The sun seemed to rise later than you expected, casting brilliant shadows across the bridge that led into the city.  You had camped together with some others who were also keen to get into Bellonia.  The bridge stood over a deep ravine, the fog of morning keeping the bottom obscured.

After gathering your gear, your small band begins to make their way to the bridge.  The bridges surface is black, with the heat of the day already beginning to radiate off it.  Before you cross the bridge, a small band stands across from you, on the other side of the bridge.

“What of you?” Shouts the leader, her hand resting on his sword.  They look bedraggled, with few possessions among them.  They eye you warily.

The leader (1) wears light armor and is carrying a sword.

The man (4) next to her is carrying a staff and wearing a cloak.

The man (2) to the left of the leader looks like he has a claw instead of a right hand.

The woman behind them (4) has an arrow notched in her bow, pointed at the ground currently.

The environment has the following rolls.  4, 2, 5.


Environment rolls: Use these rolls if you want to use the environment to describe your characters action.  For example, if you want to chop down a tree to block an NPCs path, you might use these rolls.  Or if you wanted to jump off the bridge and swim across, you might use these rolls.  You must use the first roll first, and then the second and so on.  If we need more, I’ll roll them as needed.  

NPC numbers: Next to the NPCs in a scene will be a number.  For example Leader (5).  The 5 indicates the number that you must beat.  That does not mean you must strike the NPC.  You can use any other skill.  Think about what you want from the NPC.  If you want information, talk to the character.  You might use strength if you are intimidating the NPC or spirit if you are trying to win him over.  

Your Rolls: Post your rolls for your abilities, bonus die, traits and item below in your first post.  Use this format: Strength (3): 6, 4, 1. 



Author: Bill MK

A writer, an avid consumer of soccer, music, media, books and games, a poorly self-taught handy man, a nom de plume.

19 thoughts on “Episode One: The Bridge

  1. Toughness(4): 5, 6, 3, 2
    Agility(2): 6, 3
    Spirit(3): 3, 3, 2
    Intelligence(1): 3

    (I have to read up more on trait and treasure die, I think I might have messed that part up. I’ll see how you guys use it)

    (Toughness roll 2)
    Raku steps forward, extending his mitt to the clawed man. “Well met, good travellers!” Claw grips gauntlet and the two give easy grins and intense stares as they lock in a handshake. It is only at the sound of strained metal that the clawed man releases his grip first. He glances momentarily at the finger shaped dents in his formerly pristine claw. “Well met yourself” he mutters.

    Bruised Claw

    • (META: Each trait and treasure gets one die (to start). The clawed man is considered “defeated” right now, and you no longer have the use of your “2” in toughness. When we use this in the tabletop, that die goes back into the big pile of dice at the table)

      The rest of the crew eye you with a look that is a combination of respect, fear and hate.

  2. Toughness: 2 (3, 3)
    Agility: 1 (1)
    Spirit: 3 (4, 1, 5)
    Intellect: 4 (2, 4, 5, 3)
    Traits: Singer (6), Knows How to Party (5), Misunderstood (4)
    Bonus: 3
    Mandolin: 5

    “Okay, okay. I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I suppose I can sign a few autographs,” Aldonatto says as he strides forward. He takes a pen and some parchment from the man with a staff and gives them to that man and the leader, then strums a few lines on his Mandolin. (Spending a 5 from Spirit on the leader and man with staff).

    • The group seems mostly unimpressed with your mandolin play. “Free Bird!” one of them shouts.

      “If you’re such a big rock star, you should check out Jed’s Place.” says the man with the staff. “Jed’s always looking new talent. He’s over near the waste fields. Tell him Jesper sent you, and he’ll look out for you.”

      (META: Jesper’s reference (item): you now have an in at Jed’s Place, whatever it is.)

  3. Yeusukk

    Wounds: [ ] [ ] [ ]
    Toughness: 2: (6,1)
    Agility: 3: (3,2,2)
    Spirit: 1: (5)
    Intellect: 4: (6,5,3,1)
    Traits: Good at Insults(5), Depressed(3), Strong Scented(1)
    Bonus: 1
    Family Heirloom: Glitterbag(1)

    “All right. When you two,” (points at the Raku and his dude) “are done holding hands, or…whatever, and you,” points at Aldonatto “have finished playing with yourself, maybe these porters can go get the luggage and the,” (makes air quotes with his ears) “‘hostesses’ can take us to our rooms. Tell me, miss,” (pointedly looking past the leader to the woman with the crossbow) “do you ladies provide the happy endings, or do we need to send out special for that?”

    (META: I don’t know if or how it would work to ready an action, but I’d like to keep an eye on bow babe and if she makes a move to use my Intellect: (3) and Glitterbag: (1) to turn her into a giant colored egg. I really won’t be happy about that.)

    • “Let’s keep moving” the woman with the bow states. The rest nod, and begin passing you, the woman with a bow giving you a wide birth and eyeing your glitterbag.

      “Good luck! You’ll need it!” the man with the claw states.

      As they state that, the bridge begins to collapse, cutting you off from the where you came. You look forward, and at the end of the bridge is a ruined tower, the remains of a once mighty gate.

      Ruined Tower

      (META: I’ll post the map tomorrow. Use the environmental rolls if you want to search around or look at anything in the bridge. Yeusukk, you’ve used your 3 intellect and glitterbag in the threat to the woman with the bow. If you would like to turn her into a egg anyways, you are welcome to.)

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  5. I’d like to check out at the remains of the bridge and see if I can figure out why it collapsed.

    • You can’t get very close to the collapse due to the rubble and the bridge seeming unstable. If you want to get closer, it will take beating the environment rolls (4, 2, and 5). Each one you beat is one additional piece of information about the collapsed bridge.

  6. Raku T(4): 5, 6, 3, – A(2): 6, 3 S(3): 3, 3, 2 I(1): 3 Street:3 Paranoid:4 Cursed:3 Gauntlets:1

    “That was rigged to fall, with us on it. Someone doesn’t want us in Bellonia….” Realization dawns. “Or else someone thought they could hop away as it fell.” Raku directs an sudden accusatory glare toward the fuzzybunny. He studies its whiskers for telltale twitching but they remain still. His suspicion whips toward Aldonatto, “Or, what if they thought they could.. strum their…” There is a pause as he is lost in thought. “Okay you probably didn’t do it.” He inspects the bridge for signs of intentional collapse (Paranoia 4).

    • Looking at the damage, it appears the bridge just fell of its own accord. But to you Raku, that doesn’t seem right.

      • While they are playing bridge, I will look in the other direction to see what this part of the city looks like. Is this a populated place or ruins? How much of the city can I see from here? Any landmarks or buildings stand out?

        • The City
          This is what you see beyond the bridge. The sun is rising to the right, and in the foreground you can see the ruined guard tower. In the distance rises an impossibly tall tower.

  7. Raku T(4): 5, 6, 3, – A(2): 6, 3 S(3): 3, 3, 2 I(1): 3 Street:3 Paranoid:- Cursed:3 Gauntlets:1

    Something still seems off, and Raku just can’t let it go. He hops down to where the bridge has collapsed, where giant stone pieces and fallen wood tresses have created a mess that any sane individual would deem not worth the effort to investigate. He starts bashing the rocks apart, punching them to rubble with his massive fists. An hour later, the pile is still huge, and he’s ready to pass out from the effort.

    Raku takes a momentary break, breathing heavily, and seems to come to a decision. He clears his throat. “Oh!” he says, in mock discovery, enunciating crisply toward his gauntlets, “I think I hear the cries of a trapped person. Yes. Uh, probably a priest, or maybe… an orphan? Gosh, if only I could help them.” The gauntlets begin a hesitant glow, pretty convinced that Raku is lying, but begrudgingly upping their power, just in case this one time things are different.

    Re-energized, he pummels his way to the center of the destruction, then jumps back in shock at the sound of a soft mewing. It appears he has inadvertently saved a small kitten. The gauntlets flash smugly, much to Raku’s disgust. He shrugs it off, though, and looks closer at the wreckage.

    (T: 6 and Gauntlets: 1 vs remaining environment 5, 2)

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