The Game Players of Titan

with apologies to PKD

Episode 2: The Journey to Zed’s Place


You walk past the ruined guard tower and into Bellonia Proper.  You see a few people in the street you are walking through.  Most of the buildings are in rubble, but there are the occasional still standing.  You can see shadowy figures in the windows of those buildings.

There is a man with a cart (4) that might have information (5) or goods for trade (2) walking down the street towards you.

The roads are mostly covered in trash and are difficult to maneuver around.

You’ll need to beat 6, 3, 2, 2, 6 to end up at Zed’s Place.  This will include asking for directions, avoiding too much attention from strangers, finding recognizable landmarks.

If you want to do anything else, beat 2 ; 6 ; 5 ; 5 ; 4 ; 2.  


Author: Bill MK

A writer, an avid consumer of soccer, music, media, books and games, a poorly self-taught handy man, a nom de plume.

16 thoughts on “Episode 2: The Journey to Zed’s Place

  1. Do we reroll everything or do we keep with our current rolls until you say so? If I’ve picked up the kitten item, would I roll for that immediately or wait until the next “rest”?

  2. Toughness: 2 (3, 3)
    Agility: 1 (1)
    Spirit: 3 (4, 1)
    Intellect: 4 (2, 4, 5, 3)
    Traits: Singer (6), Knows How to Party (5), Misunderstood (4)
    Bonus: 3
    Mandolin: 5

    Aldonatto approaches the man with the cart, start looking at his wares, and start some small talk. “I’m scouting for a tour here, and looking for possible venues. I’ve heard some people suggest Zed’s place. What do you think it?”

    (Trying to use the 5 from the vender’s information with my 1 in Spirit to defeat one of the sixes.

    • “Oh, Zed’s? that’s not far from here. It’s over in the Vic’s Crossroads.” He looks your crew up and down.

      “You’re not from around here are you. Ok, Guy named Vic runs the place, and you had better be ready to pay his price. Head over towards that smoke rising in the distance.”

      “Tour huh? Good luck with that.”

  3. Raku T(4): 5, -, 3, – A(2): 6, 3 S(3): 3, 3, 2 I(1): 3 Street:3 Paranoid:- Cursed:3 Gauntlets:- Kitten: 2

    Raku is curious about this “Autumnal Co” that collapsed a bridge and tried to murder him. He flows into the streets of Bellonia like water, mixing into their dark world with practiced ease. A sweep of his eyes and he can tell which people are sheep and which are truly alive. He centers in on his first group of informants. “I’m Raku, you may not know my face but I’m sure you’ve heard my legend. I’m the baron-robber, the throat-slitter, and you’re going to tell me everything you know about Autumnal Co, or you’re going to get on the bad side of the most dangerous man alive.” The silence is thick, even in such a crowded city. A bead of sweat runs down their faces.

    Suddenly, a mewing. First soft, then demanding. A soft padding as the kitten wanders into the bar. Raku inhales through his nose. “Mittens! Not now!”

    Sensing he’s losing his audience, Raku stares in the eyes of one of the members of the group and blind throws a dagger off toward a wall on the far side of the room. There’s a painting of a man on the wall and he’s now decorated with a dagger between his eyes. “I’m also looking for a man named Zed.”

    Mittens hisses menacingly.

    (Streetwise 3 and Agility 6 vs 3,2,2 on “search for zed” and 2 on “anything else-Autumnal”)

    • (drat. my reply got lost. I must not have hit submit.)

      One guy stands up, while the rest seem to shrink into the background. He looks bigger than a horse, and has scars running up and down his face. “You must be new around here, so I’ll say it to you slowly. Zed’s, you take this street out there another mile west and you’ll start seeing signs of Vic’s territory. Autumnal? Why it’s the only place hiring around here, and they are always hiring”

      “Now, throwing knives in a bar around here is frowned upon. Throwing knives and hitting the dear leader? That’s a mistake. Bringing a demon spawn in,” he spits out, pointing at Mittens. Mitten’s hisses back then begins licking it’s leg. “That’s a capital offense.”

      There’s a knife, suddenly quivering in the wall right next to your head and a man you hadn’t noticed standing behind the guy, smiling. Another guy shoves his chair back and stands up, brandishing a chain.

      Brick, the leader (5+3)
      Knife guy (1)
      Chain Guy (3)

      This is a bar fight, unless you manage to talk your way out of it. For this fight, you receive a +1 on any roll when you use an improvised weapon (chair, table, bottle, etc). Raku, you are currently on your own, and will take damage after your next action, if they aren’t subdued.

  4. Raku T(4): 5, -, 3, – A(2): -, 3 S(3): 3, 3, 2 I(1): 3 Street:- Paranoid:- Cursed:3 Gauntlets:- Kitten: 2

    “Guys, guys, guys… I’m tough, your tough, we’re all tough, I get it.” Raku spreads his arms in an indication of peace. “Look, thank you for the information. I, personally, am sorry that I threw a knife at the painting of your leader. In fact, all I’d say is that Mr. Mittens here – he’s just an innocent little kitten, so the demon-spawn comment – maybe a little bit out of line? How about you just apologize to him and we call it a day?”

    The leader smirks and leans in. “How about I tear that innocent little kitten’s limbs right off its body?”

    Raku’s gauntlets snap to life, glowing with righteous fury. He starts to talk quickly. “Uh, hey, point taken, I’m hearing you loud and clear, but I’m just gonna need you to rescind that comment about harming innocents, real quick. Or! You could even just rephrase it. It’s just that that exact phrase is kind of going down a poor path, here.”

    The leader’s voice lowers to a whisper. He grins and then enunciates. “I’m going to pop that innocent’s head off and down it’s blood like a pint.”

    A thunderclap crashes in the sky and the whole room goes white as the gauntlets glow with holy energy. Raku closes his eyes and braces for what’s to come. The gauntlet uppercuts the leader with so much force that his body cracks a beam in the ceiling as he flies upward. As the thug falls back toward the ground Raku spins and then arm-bars the leader through his knife-weilding minion, smashing both of them into the table behind. Raku’s voice fills with an unearthly timbre, “THOU SHALT NOT SPILL THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT.”

    The entire bar stares in rapt attention, jaws agape. Everyone involuntarily takes a step back. The chain wielder exclaims suddenly as his feet get tangled with Mr. Mittens and as he dances around the kitten darts back and forth, further tangling his legs. The thug swears as he loses his balance completely and finds himself pitching into the fireplace. He rolls out, frantically batting the flames off his clothes.

    Raku looks at the kitten quizzically. “Was that… intentional?”

    “Mew?” The kitten’s wide eyes blink up at Raku, and then he saunters over to the unconscious leader, stopping to stretch and, by happenstance, running a claw across the leader’s neck and drawing the smallest bit of blood.

    Raku walks up to the painting and retrieves his dagger, using a bit of spit on his thumb to smear the paint and cover up the cut. “Hey everyone thanks for the info; I’m going to go catch up with my buddies.”

    (Cursed: 3 + 1 ceiling, Toughness: 5 + 1 table vs leader (5+3) and knife guy (1). Kitten(2) + 1 fireplace vs chain guy (3))

  5. The room remains silent as you walk out. You step around a chair that had been inadvertently knocked over.

    You hear someone say, “I can’t wait to see what the leader does to that guy.” You turn and glare and whoever it was clams right up. But your paranoia is piqued. Who is this leader? What COULD he do to me?

    In any case, you’re going to want to get out of the leader’s territory.

    As you walk out and rejoin your crew, you notice that there are portraits hanging everywhere in this neighborhood of the same face. Bushy mustache, piercing eyes. As you walk by one, it seems like the eyes are following you.

    You still have a 3, 2, 2 and a 6 to find your way to Zed’s.

  6. Meta questions: didn’t I already beat 3,2,2 for Zed in the initial bar questioning? I thought only 6 should be left? Also, for the bridge, I beat all the numbers for investigating it, but the only thing we found was the stamp. Does that just mean there wasn’t much to actually discover? Or that even though I beat the rolls, I went about it in the wrong way, so I didn’t find out more?

    • You might have, sorry I missed that.

      Guys, how would it feel to put anything in-game? Make it easier to see in-game text?

      You also found a kitten, that became an item.

      As your party catches up to you, you keep working your way up the street toward the smoke. You notice that there appears to be a number of graffiti on the walls. “Kno Kaits!” “Kile de Deamun Spaen!” You’re not entirely sure what these statements mean, except that the local education system is poor at best.

      The smoke seems closer. Vic’s Crossroads, you think. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, except for the big wall of trash blocking the street and the two burly guards standing in the narrow gap in the wall.

  7. I’m guessing that Bill left out the word “italics,” based on his example.

    Aldonatto approaches the wall, and pulls out his mandolin. He strums a few cords.

    “Hey, you can’t play that here,” says one guard (Bertolt) while the other guard (Ernest) starts to tap his spear in times to the music. Before the first guard can do anything however, a crowd starts to gather.

    Aldonatto launches in to a rousing improvised ballad called “The Day The Wondrous Leader Slew a Thousand Demonic Kats.” Bertolt tries to push his way through the crowd while Ernest joins in with the chorus.

    The Blood Did Flow
    The Guts Did Show
    The Alleys Were Filled With Rats
    The Day the Wondrous Leader Slew a Thousand Demonic Kats.

    As the song climaxes, the crowd picks Aldonatto up and bares him aloft. When the carry him close to the wall, he simply steps over.

  8. Hm… that didn’t italicize the part I thought it would.

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