The Game Players of Titan

with apologies to PKD

Episode 3 – The Riot at the Wall



With Aldonatto on the wall (3, 6, 2 to get over), and the rest of you on the ground, the crowd begins to chant “One more song! One more song!”, which worries the two guards.  One runs back through the gate and quickly arrives back with 5 more guards (2, 4, 4, 6, 1, 2, 3).  The guards are carrying spears and have armor, so they are strong against strength attacks (-1 to your roll) and weak against agility attacks.  NOTE: You don’t have to attack, or otherwise deal with the guards, as long as you are making it clear you are trying to help calm the crowd.  If they feel you are a danger, they will target you.

The crowd sees the guards arrive and begins to panic.  Some start throwing debris at the guards, while others start running.  The crowd is in a full scale riot.  If they see a cat, you can be sure they will try to tear it limb from limb.

The crowd (1, 6, 3, 2, 2, 1, 3, 4, 6, 2).

Raku and the rabbit find themselves caught up in the middle of the crowd as it grows to a dangerous swell.  It’s clear there are provacures in the crowd who are using this as an excuse to attack the wall between Vic’s and the Dear Leader’s regions.

Below is a map of Bellonia, as you know it right now.




Author: Bill MK

A writer, an avid consumer of soccer, music, media, books and games, a poorly self-taught handy man, a nom de plume.

12 thoughts on “Episode 3 – The Riot at the Wall

  1. Raku T(4): -, -, 3, – A(2): -, 3 S(3): 3, 3, 2 I(1): 3 Street:- Paranoid:- Cursed:- Gauntlets:- Kitten: –

    It’s been a long day. Exhaustion reads across Raku’s face as he tucks Mittens close, carefully hiding the kitten beneath his cloak. He and Yeusukk back away from the main crowd swell, heading toward a less populated section of the wall.

    “My God! Cat tracks!” he exclaims, pointing toward a dingy section of the wall. The onlookers gasp and surge away from the spot.

    “I think I hear it mewing a death fugue! Stand back!” he pulls Yeusukk closer to the wall and whispers to him, “C’mon, let’s get the hell out of here. Can you help me up?”

    (Spirit 3 vs Wall 3)

    • One of the members of the crowd sees something out of the corner of his eye. A flash of a tail that slipped out of Raku coat. Not much, but enough to draw the attention of a crowd out for blood.

      “Hey, I think he has a cat under that shirt!” Now all the crowd surges forward, surrounding you and Yeusukk. It’s going to be tough to climb this wall before the crowd is distracted or otherwise taken care of.

  2. Raku T(4): -, -, 3, – A(2): -, 3 S(3): -, 3, 2 I(1): 3 Street:- Paranoid:- Cursed:- Gauntlets:- Kitten: –
    (Spirit 3 vs Crowd 3)

    “A cat?!” Raku laughs as he applies some of his sleight of hand to tuck Mr Mittens further away while simultaneously holding Yeusukk’s hand aloft . “I think you must have mistaken the paw of my fuzzy companion here for a tail! I’m the one who is hunting those foul beasts.” There’s just the right amount of pitying condescension in his voice to make the man question what he had seen. “But good to keep a sharp eye! Those nefarious demons run everywhere!”

    “Anyway, Mr. Yeusukk and I must be off.. C’mon, Yeusukk, a little boost up here… Yeusukk?”. The giant rabbit stares blankly off into space. Raku waves his gauntlet in front of his companion’s face. “Yeusukk!” Raku leans in and sniffs, then pulls back at the strong scent. “Dandelion wine? Again?” He breathes out for a long count like they taught him in prison group therapy. “I- I am glad each of us were investigating in our own way. And it’s not even a problem, because Aldonatto will save-“ He pauses to watch Aldonatto wander down over the other side of the wall, whistling happily. “… right.”

    He clears his throat and addresses the crowd. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an OATH! His gauntlets light up like twin spotlights at the word’s mention, drawing the attention of the nearby crowd. “And that oath is, if your cheer loud enough and say encore enough, we can get the incredibly famous Aldonatto out here for ONE. MORE. SONG!” The crowd cheers, their fervor momentarily redirected. “ONE. MORE. SONG! ONE. MORE. SONG!”

    “And he is totally going to tell you guys whether to calm down or whether to tear down this wall, because I have no effing clue,” Raku mutters beneath his breath.

  3. (Is this the type of formatting you were talking about? I’m not sure it makes it any easier to read.. Or did you want it all in italics?)

  4. Toughness: 2 (3, 3)
    Agility: 1 (1)
    Spirit: 3 (4)
    Intellect: 4 (2, 4, 5, 3)
    Traits: Singer (6), Knows How to Party (5), Misunderstood (4)
    Bonus: 3
    Mandolin: 5

    Aldonatto strides towards Zed’s place, confident that his companions where able to slip past the guards with the distraction he provided.

    “Always leave the wanting more, eh Raku? Raku? Yeusukk? Sigh. Must I do everything myself.”

    Fortunately, nearby there are a purveyor of ropes and ladders, a print shop, a weaver, a brewery, and two men practicing with their cross bows, using blunted arrows.

    “Give me a stout ladder and 50 feet of good rope.”

    “30 Tunics”

    “Yes dirrectly on the tunics. Aldonatto’s 1013 Tour. One N, Two Ts”

    “The first keg is on me. I’m sure you can make a profit from the rest.”

    “Oh that’s easy. Where I come from, the real test of skills is how far you can shoot a blunted quarrel with a tunic attached.”

    With the bowmen in tow Aldonatto uses the ladder to climb the wall, and ushers the brewers through the gate. “Don’t worry,” he tells the guards, “They’re with me.”

    Using a 3 from intellect for the wall v. 3 wall, and a 5 “Knows how to Party” vs. 2+3 Crowd.

    • The crowd roars when they see you appear on top of the wall. “Al-do-nat-to!” they begin to chant. Your mandolin at your side, Two fists in the air, and a strange light illuminating you from behind, you feel the crowd in your hands.

  5. Hmm.. what tags do you use for italics? I’ve tried “i” and “em” and neither seems to work.

  6. Raku T(4): -, -, 3, – A(2): -, 3 S(3): -, -, 2 I(1): 3 Street:- Paranoid:- Cursed:- Gauntlets:- Kitten: –

    On vacation till next Wednesday so updates from me are going to be via phone and spotty
    (Intellect 3 vs crowd 3)

    “One… … more… … so…” Raku’s voice has gone hoarse and most of the crowd has given up on the star returning. Their attention starts to turn nasty. Where the hell is that damn bard? Yeusukk turns to Raku, starts to say something, and then throws up. The crowd steps back from him a step, smushing the sweaty mass further into Raku. Time for a new tactic.

    “People! I have just heard news! The Aldonatto concert has been moved to the Autumnal Co campus!” The crowd largely ignore his raspy words.

    “Oh, also there will be free beer.”

    • But wait, he’s right here, a guy next to you shouts, pointing to the wall. Just then, an arrow knocks the guy off his feet. “Hey! They’re shooting at us!”
      “Wait,” the guy says climbing to his feet, “it’s some form of clothing!” He inspects it closer. “And it says Aldonatto on it” He is immediately beset by those around him, the shirt ripping in half as a dozen hands clutched at it.

      A couple more shot into the crowd, and the crowd will no longer have kitten bloodlust and all of you should be able to steal over the wall.

  7. Aldonatto will break his redition of “Hey Raku.” Which goes something like this:

    Hey. Raku. Climb up the rope.
    Hey. Raku. Climb up the rope.
    I just dropped it down. It’s right in front of you.

  8. Raku T(4): -, -, 3, – A(2): -, 3 S(3): -, -, 2 I(1): 3 Street:- Paranoid:- Cursed:- Gauntlets:- Kitten: –

    Raku grabs the rope but then sees a T-shirt whizz past. “Woah, free t-shirts! Hold up!”

    “Dammit, gauntlet, let go of the rope!”. He curses and reaches desperately as he gets pulled up the side of the wall. One T-shirt lands on the passed out Yeusukk.


    (Toughness 3 vs wall 6) (edit: whoops this was toward wall not crowd)

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