The Game Players of Titan

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Bellonia Characters

Post your character sheets below.  Use the following format.  I would recommend copying this to a word document or wordpad first so you can save it on your own computer.

You can download the rules for Abstract Dungeon at the sneak attack press website.

Just copy and past this into a comment.  When you want to add something to the character sheet, just reply to your comment.

Special Rules:

Character Sentence. I’m using a form of Monte Cook’s Numenara idea of a character sentence.  That should tell other players a lot about what the character is like.  For example, you might write, “A strong human who kills his enemies with a sword.”  Immediately, there is an idea about what your character does.

Family Heirloom.  Each character starts with one item that is important to that character.  It should be something that ties into the backstory that you have in mind for your character.

XP.  At any time a player can spend 1 XP to gain an additional bonus die.  If you gain 5 XP, you can turn it into a new trait.

Wounds. If a player is unable to defeat an enemy, they take a wound.  If they take 3 wounds, they roll on the random wound table.

Actions. Each player can take one action.  They cannot take an action until a day in real time has passed or all other players have taken an action.

Character Sheet

Character Name: XXXXXX

Character Sentence: An (adjective) (noun) who (verb)


Wounds: [ ] [ ] [ ]

Toughness: # of dice

Agility: # of dice

Spirit: # of dice

Intellect: # of dice


Additional Description: